6.7L PowerStroke Water Pump Replacement

If you own one of these glorious engines changing the water pump is likely something you are going to have to accomplish sometime in it's long foreseeable lifespan.  All is not lost though.  The 6.7L PowerStroke is a reliable powerhouse whose water pump can be easily replaced. I admit that the first time I changed one of these, I was in for quite the surprise.  There are various hoses and wire retainers that you must take off but that you should be very careful not to damage.  It is almost impossible to save them all.

Essentially you will be stripping the front accessories off to allow access to the water pump.  This is a new article, pictures coming up soon.

  1. Drain both radiators.  There is a petcock on the drivers side for the main cooling system and one on the passenger side for the auxiliary cooling system. If you drain it into separate suitable pans, you can reuse the majority of the recovered coolant. Remember these engines hold a lot of coolant.

  2. Remove 8mm air plenum hose retainer, loosen air cleaner housing hose clamp and loosen plenum to intake hose clamp.

  3. Remove bolts from auxiliary coolant reservoir, remove both hoses at top, remove lower larger hose, then squeeze tabs together to remove the fourth hose.  You can now move the reservoir out of the way or remove the final fifth hose to completely remove the reservoir.

  4. Remove the coolant hose located in the top passenger corner of the radiator, position both hoses out of the way to allow easy removal of the intake plenum. Remove power steering reservoir bolts, position aside.  Remove top radiator shroud cover. 2 bolts on the top, 2 on the passenger side, 1 on the driver side. Pull up to remove. Detach wire harness attachments.

  5. Special tools are required. Air Hammer Fan Clutch Kit.  Loosen and unscrew cooling fan from drive assembly.  Remove 13mm bolt attaching fan clutch plug to cooling fan drive assembly and unplug the connector. Remove the fan and clutch.

  6. Here comes a difficult part.  Remove all 4 nuts attaching cooling fan stator, the plastic fan guard. Now you can either remove the lower radiator shroud OR remove the lower fan stator attachment studs by pulling outward on the stator and using a 12mm wrench OR slowly work rubber mold on the bottom of the stator on to the top exposed portion of the lower shroud. Carefully remove stator assembly.

  7. Remove the drive belt tensioner, loosen and remove 4 remaining bolts attaching the cooling fan drive assembly.

  8. Now you have full access to the water pump and vacuum pump bolts.  Begin by removing the 7mm bolt attaching the power steering line to the battery cable carrier and then remove 2 bolts attaching the battery cable to the water pump.  Remove all bolts on the water pump.  There are a few positioned behind the battery cable harness.  Some bolts are larger than others.  One bolt is somewhat hidden from view, located just below and to the left of the pulley.  Once all bolts are removed, remove water pump with a small pry bar or screwdriver but be sure not to damage gasket surface.  Look for razed edges to use.

  9. Clean gasket surface.  Install new water pump.  Reverse all directions for installation of the remaining parts of the job.