Cab Removal on 6.4L Power Stroke Engine

  1. Unhook both batteries starting with the negative cables.  Unbolt all wire connections on the passenger side battery posts.
  2. Drain Engine Coolant.
  3. Remove the air cleaner assembly.
  4. Using HVAC equipment, recover all refrigerant in the A/C system.
  5. Unplug the PCM in the passenger side cowl area. 3 Connectors.  Push the center 'button' to unlock the sliding levers.
  6. Unbolt the ground strap just to the left. Unbolt the ground from the inner fender.
  7. Unplug the two harness connectors on passenger side, one just below the PCM, one near the passenger fender going toward the alternator.
  8. Unbolt the A/C line going into the accumulator as well as the one that goes toward the condenser just outside of the battery box. Position aside.
  9. Loosen clamps for the CAC tube to intake and tube to CAC. Pull and position off the intake.
  10. Remove the headlights. 4 bolts each. Unplug electrical connections.
  11. Remove hood release lever by removing one bolt. Position aside.
  12. Remove transmission cooler hoses on front lower passenger side. Put a large bolt in each hose to prevent fluid leakage.
  13. Follow the small coolant hoses on top. Allow them to rest where they are, but unhook wherever they attach to the engine and coolant reservoir.
  14. Remove the drivers side battery. 
  15. Unhook drivers side upper radiator hose by removing the c clip. Position aside a bit to access below stuff.
  16. On the bottom of the coolant reservoir is a large hose attached with a c clip.  Remove and position aside.
  17. Remove the coolant reservoir. 3 bolts in battery tray and 2 bolts on top side. Be careful with the vacuum lines if 4wd. Be sure to unhook these on both sides.
  18. Remove pinch bolt from steering shaft. Pull shaft upwards to separate.
  19. Remove bolts and nuts from master cylinder. Unhook all electrical connectors. Pull outwards. Position aside.
  20. Unplug the three connectors directly below where the coolant reservoir was located. Large ones with lever locks.
  21. Remove power steering lines going to the reservoir.  Unbolt power steering lines going to the hydro-boost unit.
  22. Remove the remaining connected coolant lines. Remember to get the one that wraps around the back for the heater core. Disconnect the quick connections at the heater core.
  23. Underneath, loosen tube clamp going to CAC. Position aside.
  24. Separate the lower radiator hose by removing the c clip.  This step will make a mess.
  25. Separate the parking brake cable under the driver door by pulling the cable out of the connector. Depress the tabs and pull cable through the attachment point on the cab.
  26. You must unhook the shifter cable from the transmission by prying it off the lever. Then push the retaining tabs in with a pick while pulling the cable away from cable bracket.
  27. Underneath the passenger door, unbolt the cab to frame ground strap.
  28. Unbolt and remove all cab bolts as described on the first page.

You may now lift the cab from the chassis.  Follow everything and double check nothing is catching before damage results.