Enable Navigation on Ford Sync Touchscreen Mytouch

I see people searching for how to turn on navigation on Ford's touchscreen models that are not equipped with navigation. It was previously thought that the only way to upgrade your Ford MyTouch to navigation was to replace the Accessory Protocol Interface Module, which we will not refer to as APIM, with a unit that already had the navigation enabled but yet matched all the other options of your vehicle. That can be an expensive task and sometimes near impossible.  I have found a way around this.

You could also order a navigation upgrade kit from Ford accessories line by using your VIN so it has the correct as-built data with the navigation enabled.  The kit comes with a preprogrammed APIM, instructions, and a NAV card.  What if I were to tell you that it is completely possible to upgrade your system for navigation without spending nearly that amount of money?

Well, it is possible and even pretty easy to boot.  The main thing is that you will have to go to a Ford dealer to get this done. No other way around it aside from sending it to random people on the internet.  I am sure I am about to kill their business.  At the dealer, they can use IDS and PTS application to update your SYNC system and add the navigation functionality at the same time without doing anything special. Be sure your version of sync is up to date.

They should be well versed in how to go about an APIM update.  You log onto PTS and use "read vin and dtc" link to input the VIN into Oasis. Once the Oasis report loads, click on Oasis at the top, then on to Sync. This pops up information about the last time Sync was programmed in your vehicle.  Make sure standard is checked at the bottom and click "Read Sync". Once IDS does its thing, you'll be greated with a menu of all the available applications that can be installed by Ford for your Sync system. This includes different display introductions for Mustangs,  SuperDutys, even stuff to change the language packs and to change Ford logos to Lincoln.  At the bottom of this list shows the application "Global Navigation Application."  All you have to do is check that box.  If your version of Sync isn't the latest version, I am not sure you will get these choices until you go through the entire update chart and then start it back over.

If no other update is needed, simply checking that box and clicking "Program Sync" will prompt you to install a USB drive to the computer.  PTS will load the correct file on to the USB drive and then once it is done you will install the USB drive into your vehicle.  Sync will automatically begin updating the system.  Follow the remaining prompts from PTS but eventually the USB drive will need to be reinserted in the PC for configuration of the Vip.

That's it.  That is all it takes to add navigation function to your Sync Mytouch.  Once it starts back up the upper left hand corner will now read "Insert NAV card." Of course you will have to purchase one of those through the link I provided, a dealer, or get one used somewhere but that process is pretty straight forward.  The current navigation card is A7. A straight forward and honest dealer will charge you about a half hour to do this (around $50).  If you have good report with your dealer, they can probably claim the reprogramming of the update under a recall and simply add the navigation while they do it.

I am going to get a copy of the file used to update your sync via USB, post it on here so you can just download the file and attach it to a USB drive and try it yourself.  More testing is needed here because we need to make sure each vehicle model does not have their own version of the Global Navigation Applications.  I'll start checking versions on all vehicles I have to hook the scanner up to.

Do this at your own risk. You can try both of these files to see if either one works for you. Sync1 and Sync2. You will need to extract these zip files onto a USB drive. You can use a free program like 7Zip to do it or Windows 10 users can just open and copy them in File Explorer. You will need a USB flash drive and it needs to be empty; nothing else on it. There is one file and one folder that will be in the base directory of the flash drive.

After your USB drive is set up, go turn your car on. Once the SYNC system is up and running, insert the USB drive. It should automatically start to install but you may need to go to Settings and Install Application.

UPDATE: This is a really old article actually. The file I supplied was from a 2012 Edge.  Everything was figured out by a different group of individuals. Essentially, you need to change the as-built data on the vehicle before trying to load the NAV program.  That is the main step I missed when I was trying to figure it out back then. It all started when we replaced a APIM under warranty on that EDGE. The one we received did not have navigation enabled on it. I was able to use Fords Sync protocols to enable the navigation, so it occurred to me there was no secret hardware that needed to be changed. I was pursuing this project way before FORscan supported changing As-build data, before them the only option was IDS at FORD. 

If I get around to it, I'll try to round up a straight forward how-to but I really haven't been working with NAV stuff for years.  The process of doing this technical task is well outlined here... https://forum.xda-developers.com/windows-mobile/general/guide-enable-navigation-cars-sync-2-0-t3484473.