Master Recommended Tool List

Ever wonder what tools real life technicians are carrying in those multi-thousand dollar toolbox mansions? I have a little insight into what you need without breaking the bank. I'll show you tool brands and kits I prefer and own myself, to have on hand to knock out anything that needs a fixin'.

I have compiled a list of tools that you should have in your tool box. These cover all the basics, as well as some of the not so common but much needed tools. I love tools from a tool truck. They work well and are lifetime warranty but they are also very expensive. I have found several alternatives, such as Gearwrench. They are also lifetime warranty, and tool trucks like MAC, Matco, and Cornwell will still warranty them if they carry them theirselves. Keep in mind they will not have them on the truck, but they can order them for you. Actual tool branding that you select doesn't matter so much, just becareful because certain places like Harbor Freight sell tools that are not meant to be used professionally and therefore wear-out quickly. 

I tend to write about cool tools I purchased or came across in my TechTales blog.


Ratcheting XL Wrench Set - Metric, 6mm-21mm
Stubby Ratcheting Wrenchs - Metric, 10mm - 19mm
Any Regular Combination Wrenches - Standard, 1/4 - 1 3/8
Any Regular Combination Wrenches - Metric
Line Wrenches - Metric / Standard


Torx Bit Set
External Torx Bit Set
Mextric and Standard Hex Bit Set
Ratcheting Crows Foot Set
1/4 Socket Set - Deep / Short Metric and Standard
3/8 Impact Socket Set - Deep / Short Metric, 8mm - 19mm + 21mm
3/8 Impact Socket Set - Deep / Short Standard
1/2 Impact Socket Set - Deep / Short Metric, 10mm - 24mm
1/2 Impact Socket Set - Deep / Short Standard
Axle Socket Set


1/4 & 3/8 Flexhead Long Grip ratchet

Other Essential Tools

OTC Super Duty Handled Pry Bar Set - 6 Piece This kit has more choices, and is more durable than the Sunex kit.
Airlift Coolant Vacuum Fill and Airlock Remover
Fan Clutch Pneumatic Air Hammer Kit


Lock-A-Socket Tray 5 Row 1/4, 3/8, 1/2

Specialty Only Tools (for this articles in this website)

6.0L Injector Connector Release OTC
6.0L Injector Pressure Regulator Socket
OEMTOOLS Harmonic Balancer Removal Kit