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So being the avid Ford enthusiast, I went out and purchased a rough Mustang for a good price, a California emissions 1999 Mustang GT with 160K miles on it.  You could say this was a "barn find" because it was literally found in a barn, but its not in that great of condition.  The previous owners didn't take good care of it, but they were an older couple so the vehicle is completely stock - stock exhaust and not even a cold air intake on it... 4 pages

I have a few minor complaints so far about the new 2017 Superduty. If you don't know much about it, the new Superduty has a new body made of aluminum to be extra light weight. There are several things I do love about it, but a few things i have found to be slightly annoying or ridiculous. Specifically, I will be talking about the bed / box today.

After 8 years in the Automotive field, I have determined there is no better tool to own than a good pair of work shoes. Yes, I am being completely serious.  Nothing worse than sore feet. Ok, maybe there is.. but I've been on the search for a good pair of work shoes my entire career turning wrenches and finally I stumbled upon a decent set.

A lady brought her almost brand new truck to the dealer on Friday complaining of some pretty bizarre issues.  She explained that as she would drive down the road: the instrument cluster, radio control, front power windows, and some other things would stop functioning.  Hooking up the scan tool revealed a bunch of communication codes.  Having some past experience with these problems, another tech decided to peek under the dash... Can you guess what we found?

In July 2014, I decided it was time to fix up my old truck. It wasn't really an old truck to me - I actually daily drove this thing around. I found this jewel sitting out back behind the dealer I work for.It wasn't much to look at, but had the mighty old and strong 7.3L with a 6 speed manual transmission attached to it. It was love at first sight. A few years later and here we are. I'll give you the whole story... but be warned there are plenty of pictures included!

Mac Tools 3/8 Impact Red QuietThe Mac Tools guy stopped by today. Oh do I love when he stops by. My bank account always takes a hit though. Today, he had an awesome deal on a 3/8 drive impact wrench gun. Model number AWP280Q.

The Lock-A-Socket Tray by Mechanic Time Saver is one of the best socket organizers I have come across.  You can re-arrange all of the holders in any combination you want.  The way they are set up is best for me, but if you had rows of torx sockets and hex sockets that use all three drives (1/4, 3/8, and 1/2) you could arrange them in a numerical line.

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