7 Reasons to Avoid a Career as a Automotive Technician

6.) Mental Stress

If anything, worrying about the possible physical stress listed later is likely to stress you out emotionally. It all plays in together. As soon as your realize that you are stuck in this career, which believe me regardless of what they say a career change is difficult. is when its too late to change it. Now you're going to be stressing about your future. The only thing you can do is hop on and hope for the best. Third party shops are the most likely to go belly up as technology begins to require certain services to be in the capable, trained hands of dealership employee's.

The part that eats at me the most is when I worry about my repairs. I worry that some random person is going to be driving down the road and all of a sudden the wheel comes off and kills someone. Or you just fixed the brakes on a family minivan, those brakes fail fail in an emergency stop situation on the interstate which leads to the death of all the occupants. Could you live with that? Before you say that it will never happen to you, you should realize that mistakes do happen. Some things will happen to you especially if you believe it won't. That kind of thinking leads to carelessness. Of course you're mistakes may not be as devastating as the examples above. You could have lackluster things happen like loose drain plugs or a nut that fell down an engine.

Every time I put something together I am always nervous when starting it the first time. I always sit there for a second and think over what I have done. At that moment, your sitting there ready to hit the key, it really doesn't matter anymore. There is only one way to find out if all is good - crank her over! In both these situations your employer is likely to cover all the incurred expenses (or their insurance) but you should always strive to achieve good results. This is why I don't do this kind of work on the side because if something happens financial responsibility runs on you. One way or another, you will be held liable for your repairs. With all these responsibilities, mental and physical stresses, you should be well compensated in pay, right?