7 Reasons to Avoid a Career as a Automotive Technician

3.) Poor Working Environment

I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. It's a daily routine. I touch something in the shop and magically I am covered in grease. I wash my hands and arms as if I am scrubbing in for surgery every time I need to pull a vehicle out. I constantly wipe my hands on rags and wipe my tools off but a single rag is no match for all these grease. Now you call in the chemicals and spray down your tools with brake parts cleaner. Once I get home, my hands and nails are permanently stained with black diesel oil. No, I am not afraid of getting my hands dirty but it would sure be nice if I didn't have to.

The poor working environment goes deeper than dirty hands. All shops are poor environments, but some are naturally worse than others. The most common issues are skin contact with known carcinogens (oils, chemicals), breathing in chemicals and carcinogenic dusts ("Want to snort some brake dust, anyone?"), poor lighting, and imminent danger of bodily harm creeping around every corner.

The winters are cold. The constant opening of garage doors letting the heat out creates moments where you need winter gloves and a coat but other times your sweating getting baked out because the heaters are just blasting away and your leaning over a hot engine. It's even colder when your outside laying under a truck in gravel trying to change a starter motor. You know what I think is worse than the cold? The heat. Summer rolls around producing blistering heat. It always seems to average a few degrees hotter in the shop than outside. So when your working your butt off in a shop that may reach 115F laying over that hot engine that is at least 200FT sweating so profusely that you can hardly see. So your looking at yourself and saying "I am tough, I can do it". That's fine, me too. All of us technicians do.

There are plenty of jobs out there requiring you to risk your life and future or jobs that take place in a hotter more dangerous environment. But is that what you want? If your all gun hoe and still want to be a automotive technician, then just keep reading. Working is such bad conditions should come with great pay, right?