Mac Tools 3/8 Drive Impact Wrench Gun

Mac Tools 3/8 Impact Red QuietThe Mac Tools guy stopped by today. Oh do I love when he stops by. My bank account always takes a hit though. Today, he had an awesome deal on a 3/8 drive impact wrench gun. Model number AWP280Q.

I had been in the market for one for awhile. I owned a 15 year old Snappy but it was starting to get worn down and causing me to switch over to the 1/2 impact very often. At this price point, I had to jump on this deal. My dealer had just left a tool show last weekend and these are leftover products.

I have to say I was very impressed. Going from a worn out 3/8 drive impact to a brand new shiny impact has been amazing. I love how it is muffled. It's a high speed machine that packs a punch. I likely could put my 1/2 drive impact in the drawer for most of its life except for the truly stubborn stuff. The ergonomics are great, it's lightweight, and relatively small.

Before I found this deal, I looked at and compared several other choices. Ultimately, I decided I was going to buy an Ingersoll Rand 3/8-Inch Impact. I love Ingersoll products, owned a few of them. Definitely would recommend going with the titanium series if you ever decide to get one. Heck, even my Matco 1/2 drive impact is a IR product. I would have one in my box if the Mac deal hadn't been so good.