New 2017 SuperDuty - Bed Complaints

I have a few minor complaints so far about the new 2017 Superduty. If you don't know much about it, the new Superduty has a new body made of aluminum to be extra light weight. There are several things I do love about it, but a few things i have found to be slightly annoying or ridiculous. Specifically, I will be talking about the bed / box today.

The new bed style is no longer compatible with older model trucks so Swapping To A New Bed is no longer possible (at least not easy) because of the way it attaches to the frame of the truck. The new frame is wider in the front, narrow in the middle, and widens slightly at the back so the new bolts are not in a parallel line like the prior years. The bolts are special external torx plus (ep24) that no one currently has in most master torx sets.

Here is a link to the picture.

The rear most bed bolts are also positioned horribly. Those two bolts are in front of the raised ribs made into the bed, so everything that you try to slide in will contact the bed bolt first. Since the bolts now use a socket, they stick up awkwardly and will cause some good snags. The attached picture shows the front bed bolts being in the way as well as how the bolts no longer line up.  What do you guys think?