Awesome 3 Jaw Pulley Remover!

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It seems I have always been on the quest to find the best 3 jaw puller that works on many Harmonic Balancers. No, really, I am not kidding. I always had a few laying around so I could try to make something work. I came across this one awhile ago for a good price. I was using it on F150 5.4L triton engines, of course that works the 4.6L as well. OEMtools 3 jaw harmonic balancer puller saved my day while working on a this GM. I highly recommend getting one in your tool box.

Recently, I am doing a timing chain replacement on a Chevy Colorado, wait, I mean GMC Canyon I4 2.8L in the garage for my brother. This little tool came in quite handy as it slipped right on and pulled that harmonic balancer off as well. It's a life saver really, none of my other pullers would do it because of the length of the crankshaft pulley bolt with integrated washer.

On most of the Fords, I remove the bolt, remove the washer, and reinstall the bolt. Since the washer is not removalable on this Canyon, I had to use the right tool for the job. Those multiple length pushrods were just the ticket I needed to get the job done. I've dedicated another post just to the madness of the 2.9L engine.