Failed Turbo 6.0L

So, today was pretty cool. 

We had a guy bring in his 2005 F350 6.0L diesel for a few issues.  The whole story, which we weren't originally informed of, was that less than a week ago he had a brand new Garrett turbo installed. This morning he was driving it an all of a sudden he hears a loud noise in which he describes as a "piston trying to get out".  After the noise, he experiences a lack of power and white smoke.  He brings this truck in and is complaining of it smoking like a freight train, rough cold start idle, and lack of power. 

I start it up and it seems fine with no smoke.  I pull out of the dealer and look behind me - nothing but a bluish white smoke.  As we all know on a diesel, a blue tint is is likely oil consumption and a white smoke is a lack of fuel or coolant being burned.  The truck has absolutely no power. I cant even power brake it and get the turbo to spool up.  I grab IDS notice the truck is not registering any boost on the map sensor.  I ask myself "wheres the boost?".  I pop the hood, look for any obvious CAC hose problems and find nothing but I noticed the turbo is brand new.  I decide to take the air cleaner housing off to watch the compressor housing spin - but it doesn't spin at all. After turning the truck off, I reach in and the compressor wheel spins freely.  We decide to remove the turbo and what I find is kind of astonishing.  I took a picture of it.   The exhaust side turbine housing broke clean off the shaft.  I had to cut his nice welded 4inch stainless steel exhaust to fish the turbine housing out of it.  It made it all the way to the muffler.  I do IMAGINE that made quite a loud noise as it spun that turbine at 15K+ RPM down that exhaust pipe.