Site Update!! - And me, too.

Well its been a long year.  This pretty much marks 's full second year, although it has only been open to the general public for about one year.  Non the less, everything is going pretty good. This site is fully self sufficient now and averages a whooping 6500 average unique visitors a month.  The best part is that the average visitor views several pages so hopefully I am helping someone out there.

I have some future plans for this place. I am going to be adding an addition, or subsection, of the site for my computer related articles that were previously hosted on a different page.  It never picked up steam like this site did.  Mostly the subsection is going to be used for storage of those articles.

I am also contemplating adding a way for visitors to add comments to articles, or at least the tech tales. I am always looking for a direction for a new article. Hopefully with the year winding down, so will all the other offline projects I have going. I have been an extremely busy person lately.  Work has so much things to do and I have been pulling overtime to try and catch up.  It never ends, tho.