Web Design

Anytime you use free software, templates, or web code always be sure to check for hidden, illegally inserted spam back links.  Lots of free content comes with this stuff inserted into some of the craziest and bizarre locations that are likely hidden from view. Anyone vaguely familiar with SEO knows that back links are important for search ranking but you should also know that spam marked backlinks hurt your page ranking.

For website developers or webmasters, there is a quick and simple way to speed up the loading of your website. Those using Joomla CMS websites will notice a serious increase in performance, but even a standard HTML/CSS website can notice a 45% reduction in the landing page's required download size.  You better get GZip enabled.

When your visitor revisits or browses through your website, all images and files have to be downloaded every time the page refreshes or changes.  If you add expires tags on all your files, you can effectively allow the browser to reuse what it has already downloaded without unnecessarily downloading the same file over and over effectively speeding up your website and saving on valuable bandwidth.

With the growing number of mobile and tablet users in the marketplace, your website needs to be able to be displayed properly on a variety of devices. A true statistic is that more users engage with their cell phones or tablets than ever before.  You could be losing out on thousands or millions of visits a month just because no one can read your content on their mobile phone.

While building my website, I faced a severe issue like you probably are right now. That issue being that there was no way to correctly handle the canonical link tag.  Maybe we should discuss why you need one before I show you how to implement it.