Cleaning the Turbo on a 6.0L Powerstroke

 6.0L Powerstroke Turbocharger Removal

  1. Drain the coolant by the radiator petcock.  Make sure you properly dispose of all drained coolant.  I would not recommend reusing the old coolant but many places do.

  2. Remove degas bottle by removing 2 bolts and two hoses on top and the bottom hose. The bottom clamp can give you some struggle, but it is much easier to remove the filter housing with the degas bottle removed at this stage

  3. Unplug air filter restriction sensor and the mass air flow sensor.

  4. Remove intake tube mounting nuts at front of FICM.  Loosen the two worm gear hose clamps located on the intake tubes - one is on the inlet of the turbo, the second one is just after the PCV vent.

  5. Remove the front part of the intake hose assembly by lifting it free from the air filter.  Remove the air filter, and front air intake. Remove intake hose assembly attached to the turbo. Becareful of PCV vent hose - it turns and locks into place.

  6. Remove both charged air cooler tubes. Pay attention to the location of the clamps and reinstall in same position.  Take a careful look at the elbow that comes out of the turbocharger.  These tend to crack/split with age.

  7. Disconnect turbo VGT solenoid.  These connectors break VERY easily. Carefully release the connector with a pick: There is a metal bail clip holding the wire to the turbo. Unbolt and remove the turbo oil feed on top.

  8. Loosen and remove the down-pipe exhaust clamp. Loosen up-pipe exhaust clamp. The clamps will most likely be stuck to the pipe.  Take a stubby flat head screw driver and wedge it into the clamp at the corners.  The clamp is made of three metal strips tied together by a band so there is a total of 6 corners you can get access to.  Remove the clamps or reposition them to the turbo.

  9. Remove 3 turbo hold down bolts. 2 are horizontal and accessible with a wrench from the front on each side of the turbo. 1 is vertical and located just behind the down-pipe. A flex head ratchet, a 10mm deep socket, a 3inch combined with a 1inch extension gives perfect height to get back there OR a short 10mm and a 6inch extension will work. ** 2003 engines have the rear bolt going horizontal and rarely comes out without a fight. Sometimes will need to be torched out but likely will require you to use a swivel socket**

  10. Using a prybar, gently pry up between the turbo and pedestal to release it from the oil drain tube and up-pipe manifold assembly.  Remove the turbo.

Now we need to discuss how to clean the turbocharger.