Changing Ford 5.4L Triton Phasers and Timing Chain

Last Modified : Jun 5, 2021

As a forewarning, this is not a job for a novice. This is an interference engine: If you do not align the camshafts correctly, serious mechanical engine damage will result. Therefore, I have supplied you with this is a step by step guide explaining how to properly change the timing chain, guides, tensioners, and phasers on a 5.4L Triton 3 valve.

These 5.4L Triton 3 valve engines are known for their distinctive rattling noises. Some noise is normal but excessive noise warrants an inspection. On these engines the timing components are the likely source of the noise. The camshaft phasers, tensioners, and the guides can fail. Although there is no maintenance schedules set up on these for timing component replacement, I do recommend pro-active replacement.

This article is mainly written with the 5.4L truck engine in mind, but the 4.6L used in trucks, vans, and cars is very similar. Lots of information on this site. Definately be aware of Common Problems with the 5.4L Triton and how the VCT System Works.

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Here is a bit of a disclaimer. This is not a complete all-inclusive guide to all 5.4L Triton 3valves. Each year and application varies slightly between the process of getting down into the timing components, however the process of actually changing the components is the same. The 5.4L Triton engine was used in several models, including the F-series pickup trucks, E-series vans, Expedition, and Excursion. This particular guide was written with a 2006 F150 in mind. Double check fitment of any parts listed here.

Please read through everything before starting your project. There are extremely valuable tips and information located down below. Continue on to the next page.

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