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Brad @ Expertswrite

About Me

DBA Superior Computer Sales and Service, or SCSS.

I started this site because I love to talk about stuff that interests me. I've got a knack of explaining things. Most people find that very annoying to say the least, especially my wife. So I thought... Hey, I could write what I wanted to talk about and hopefully someone out there can find it useful. I appreciate all interest you have in this site. Hopefully it has provided you some useful information.

Another important aspect of this website... I love Fords. Everything that I write about will be something I recommend from experience or that I heard excellent things about. I try to fully explain everything I am doing and how its done.

I work a full time job and have two kids, so my time is definitely limited. I am a certified technician working for a Ford dealer. I specialize in transmissions, diesels, electrical. and drivability diagnosis. Not really a whole lot to say about me. I dabble in web design and even a few apps.