Ford 5.4L Triton 3 Valve OEM Parts List

Last Modified : Mar 30, 2021

This is a OEM parts list for the engine 5.4L DOHC 24 Valve Triton (3valve). The left most column is the Ford part numbers, 2nd column is description, third column is OEM price as of 04/30/15 and last column is possible alternatives. I have also compiled a spread sheet for those that want to easily print this off and use it as a price sheet. You can download it here.

9L3Z-6600-AOil Pump123.45
5F9Z-6625-AAPickup Tube Seal7.24
XL1Z-6L266-AALH Chain Tensioner67.08
2L1Z-6K297-AALH Chain Guide23.85
F85Z-6M274-AALH Tensioner Arm33.25
1L3Z-6L266-AARH Chain Tensioner70.27
F85Z-6K255-AARH Tensioner Arm28.3
4L3Z-6M256-AARH Chain Guide34.18
XL3Z-6306-AACrank Sprocket44.77
3L3Z-6020-DAFront Cover Gaskets14.53
3L3Z-6020-EAFront Cover Gaskets18.2
3L3Z-6020-FAFront Cover Gaskets16.09
3L3Z-6584-DB14/15 Bolt VC Gasket43.28
3L3Z-6584-EA14/15 Bolt VC Gasket42.48
8L3Z-6M280-BVCT Solenoids65.52x2
3L3Z-6C535-AAVCT Gasket 04-0513.97x2
7L1Z-6c535-AAVCT Gasket 06+x2

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