Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Valve Cover Removal

Last Modified : Apr 5, 2021

There are multiple reasons you may need to remove the valve covers on a 6.0L Powerstroke diesel, such as replacing a fuel injector, last resort on getting out the glow plug harness, or maybe you are replacing the head gaskets. Either way, the process of removing the valve covers is straight forward.

You only need a few speciality tools to continue effectively. All other tools would be considered to be basic tools. 12mm Stubby Wrench

6.0L Powerstroke PS Valve Cover Removal

6.0L Powerstroke Passenger Side Valve Cover Removal

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  1. Unclip and Remove air filter. This can be a struggle for some people
  2. Drain coolant from radiator petcock. You only need to drain approximately one gallon.
  3. Unhook hose on coolant reservoir that leads to the intake manifold.
  4. Unhook hose from upper radiator that goes to the coolant reservoir. Plug into the other spot on reservoir.
  5. Unhook large hose on bottom of reservoir.
  6. Unbolt and remove reservoir.
  7. Unbolt front two FICM bolts.
  8. Remove both intake hoses. Becareful of PCV vent hose.
  9. Remove two bolts at rear of FICM.
  10. Remove FICM by unplugging three connectors. Tabs on BOTH sides.
  11. Remove FICM hold down brackets.  On 2003, five bolts hole on a single large aluminum bracket.  On 2004-up 2 bolts hold down two separate brackets. Exhaust back pressure sensor is connected to bracket.
  12. Remove nut holding dipstick tube.
  13. Remove all remaining valve cover bolts.

You now have access to the oil rail and injectors and may proceed with injector replacement. Cylinder location chart is near the bottom of the page.

If your following these directions for the head removal, then continue to remove all injectors and refer back to the head removal article. If you are performing a head stud install without removing the cylinder head then you may stop at step 14.  Injectors do not have to be removed if you are installing head studs without removing the cylinder head*.

Valve Cover Installation Tips

When reinstalling removed valve covers, place the valve covers in position, then loosely start all bolts before tightening. This allows the proper centering of the cover so the valve cover rubber grommets seat correctly. The rocker box on the head (the part the valve cover bolts too) is aluminum and is easily stripped out, so avoid starting bolts by power tool, and avoid over torquing.

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