Ford Motorcraft Antifreeze Engine Coolant Refill Procedures

Last Modified : Mar 30, 2021

You must make certain not to mix different types of engine antifreeze. Improper mixing of different antifreeze types can cause reduced corrosion protection. They can even cause adverse negative reactions and speed up corrosion development and block small passageways. Ford usesfour major different types of antifreeze in their line up of vehicles.

Since this website mostly focuses on Ford products, this article is has Ford Motorcraft coolants in mind. However, the refill procedure is a great baseline for any vehicle.

  • Motorcraft Yellow - VC13-G - Now the replacement for Motorcraft Orange. Uses carboxylates as corrosion inhibitor.
  • Motorcraft Orange - VC3 - **Obsolete!** Extended LifeEthylene glycol, uses carboxylates as corrosion inhibitor. Ford Spec WSS-M97B44-D
  • Motorcraft Gold - VC7-B - Extended Life Ethylene Glycol uses sodium nitrite as corrosion inhibitor. Ford Spec WSS-M97B51-A1
  • Motorcraft Specialty Green - VC10-A2 - Longer-life coolant uses organic acid salts as a corrosion inhibitor. Ford Spec WSS-M97B55-A
  • Motorcraft Premium - VC5 - Ethylene Glycol using sodium nitrite as a corrosion inhibitor. Ford SpecESE-M97B44-A
  • All of these differing types of antifreeze concoctions shouldalways be mixed with distilled water. The use of plain tap water can contain hard water minerals like magnesium, calcium, and rustthat can contribute to reduced system performance as well as system damage. Here is a picture of a 6.4L block that was filled with water only temporarily for a short time. Notice the plugging of the small passages.

    If it is suspected that you have contaminated your Orange coolant with Gold, you must use a 3-Way HD Antifreeze Coolant Test Kit to test for nitrites.

    There are a variety of rejuvenators available for these coolants. The rejuvenators reintroduce the additives back into the coolant that may have lost their ability with use and age. Please refer to the proper testing and dosage limits listed for your vehicle. For example, the VC12 can be used in the 6.7L diesel engines but up to a maximum of 2 times before requiring the coolant be exchanged. Regardless, regular scheduled maintenance flushing and exchanging should be completed.

    BE AWARE that like noted above, VC13-G Motorcraft Yellow is approved as replacement for VC3B Motorcraft Orange. This can be a total replacment OR added in during top off.

  • VC1 - Premium Cooling System Flush
  • VC8 - Diesel Cooling System Additive - Should be added with new coolant.
  • VC9 - Industrial Cooling System Iron Cleaner
  • VC12 - Motorcraft® Specialty Orange Engine Coolant Revitalizer
  • Please refer to the Motorcraft Application Chart to determine correct coolant for your vehicle. Please continue reading for refill procedure.

    Special tools recommended - Airlift Cooling System Tool Kit. This kit is very similar to the one sold by Snap-On.

    Install the Coolant Vacuum filler. Suck the entire system down to around 20hg-25hg. Be sure the system holds a vacuum for more than one minute, if not, check all connections and look for possible engine coolant leaks. Put fill hose down into the pre-mixed coolant container of the appropriate coolant. Be sure you select the correct antifreeze for your applications and mix 50-50 with distilled water. Open the valve and fill the system through the hose. After suction has stopped, it may be necessary to pull a vacuum on the system again to fill it a little more. Do not overfill. Remove tools once your done. Now, you should be certain that you have no air bubbles that could cause an overheating issue.