Oil Filter Comparisons

Last Modified : Mar 30, 2021

In a world with many different filtering brands, you may ask yourself which ones to choose from. Aside from talking purely about prices, oil filters are sold in many different sizes and are made of a few different materials. Obviously quality effects pricing, but it doesn't necessary mean a higher priced filter is a better one.

You may want to inquire about which brands of oil or filters that your favorite shop actually uses. The selection of your shop can be greatly influenced by the brands they used. If you don't recognize the brand name, don't sweat it just yet. You recognize popular brands because they have been marketed well. Sometimes brand name filters sell their products under a different name when used in wholesale distribution.

I would recommend sticking with the OEM replacement, just because of the effects of using aftermarket filters with the Ford 6.0L diesel as well as the 5.4L 3v. You should compare brands with actual research done below...

Instead of doing the research myself, I have found a very reliable and thorough write up that I am going to refer you to. This link will open in a separate window.

Oil Filters Revealed</a>