Lock-A-Socket Tray Tool Organizer

Lock-A-Socket Tray for organizing all your sockets

The Lock-A-Socket Tray by Mechanic Time Saver is one of the best socket organizers I have come across.  You can re-arrange all of the holders in any combination you want.  The way they are set up is best for me, but if you had rows of torx sockets and hex sockets that use all three drives (1/4, 3/8, and 1/2) you could arrange them in a numerical line.

Ever need your tools to be mobile? This tray features carry handles and rubber feet so its easily mobile. The sockets twist lock into place so you wont lose them in transport. In the picture I have provided, you can see it holds the majority of all the sockets I use everyday.  They say there are two kinds of technicians in the automotive industry - the messy ones and the organized ones. This tray will definitely help keep are your tools in order so you can easily find the correct size.  An added benefit for following the "Every Tool Has Its Place" routine, you can always tell when you have something missing.

You have got to get one. The Lock-A-Socket Tray by Mechanic Time Saver.