Tune-Up in a Bottle

Last Modified : Mar 30, 2021

Let's be honest here; if your car is running like crap nothing added in the fuel will fix it. Think of these products as preventative maintenance. There are several products on the market that advertise that you should just add it to your tank to magically clean the fuel injectors. Other products say to add it directly to the crankcase to get the gun out of the oil system. In my experience, most of these products are an expensive sham. You'll be surprised which one does the job!

I have personally used many chemicals in my engines with several varying results mostly erring on the side of ineffective. One such product actually seemed to make a difference. That's right, in a parts store with an entire isle dedicated to engine additives, only one product sitting on the shelves is worth the cost. The only one that seemed to actually do what it says it does; Sea Foam Motor Treatment.