6.7L Power Stroke EGR Cooler Replacement

  1. Begin by draining the primary and secondary cooling systems. The radiators have petcocks (one on drives side, one on passenger side respectively) to allow draining. Even though the coolant used is the same on each system, be sure not to cross contaminate if reusing drained coolant for refilling.
  2. Now starts the way I do it.. Disconnect the PCM, unbolt the bracket and remove, unbolt the PCM and remove. The harness is attached to the bracket by push pins
  3. Remove the hoses from the EGR cooler. There is 2 large hoses on top, one smaller hose on top, one smaller hose in the front. Just squeeze the clamp and position it higher on the hose.
  4. Remove the coolant hose from the T coming from the intake. Becareful, the plastic T is fragile. Then remove the T from the coolant pipe by squeezing quick connect clips.
  5. Position all hoses aside.
  6. Remove the plastic intake tube and filter cover.
  7. Unbolt all 4 bolts to the front exhaust crossover pipe and let it hang out of the way with the temp sensor remained plugged in.
  8. Unbolt and remove the exhaust manifold to cooler exhaust pipe. The bolts that attach it to the exhaust manifold are notorious for breaking lately as these engines age. Attempt removal. These bolts tend to start to turn easily, after one or two complete turns the get really hard to turn. The issue seems to be rust/debris building up on the bottom of the threads that stick out past the drilled holes. Work the bolts back and forth with lubricant until they are free. If one bolt does not break away easily, try the other bolt because even if only one is removed and the other only turns slightly but allows the pipe some movement, leave it and continue to follow remaining steps for removal of the EGR cooler and try to swing the exhaust pipe out of your way. If both bolts will not twist easily, prepare to break them and drill and tap the holes OR remove the battery tray to finagle the cooler out without removing these bolts.
  9. *Gen 1* Reach to the back of the EGR cooler and unplug the exhaust back pressure sensor, remove the harness attachment from the stud in the top right corner. With a short 10mm ratcheting wrench, loosen the EBP sensor bracket nut approximately 5 full turns but make sure only the nut is loosening and not the stud. If the stud is also turning, use a 13mm wrench to hold it. (Picture). *Gen 2* The ebp sensor bracket can be removed easily from the top.
  10. *Gen 1* Push and pull up on the EBP sensor bracket to get it off the stud. It is slotted.
  11. Remove the two push pins holding the passenger side injector insulator to the EGR cooler housing.
  12. Remove the two 10mm bolts attaching the main engine harness to the front of the EGR cooler housing.
  13. Unplug the connectors and vacuum lines on the front of the EGR cooler housing.
  14. Remove all 7 bolts attachment bolts on top of the cooler. 3 bolts on each side, one in the middle.
  15. Pull up on the EGR cooler housing. It rides on dowels and sometimes is hard to break loose of the valve cover/intake manifold runners.