Ford 6.0L Power Stroke Replacing a Fuel Injector

6.0L Powerstroke Drivers Side Valve Cover Removal

  1. Unclip and Remove air filter. This can be a struggle for some people
  2. Drain coolant from radiator petcock. You only need to drain approximately one gallon.
  3. Unhook hose on coolant reservoir that leads to the intake manifold.
  4. Unhook hose from upper radiator that goes to the coolant reservoir. Plug into the other spot on reservoir.
  5. Unhook large hose on bottom of reservoir.
  6. Unbolt and remove reservoir.
  7. Unbolt front two FICM bolts.
  8. Remove both intake hoses. Becareful of PCV vent hose.
  9. Remove two bolts at rear of FICM.
  10. Remove FICM by unplugging three connectors. Tabs on BOTH sides.
  1. Remove FICM hold down brackets.  On 2003, five bolts hole on a single large aluminum bracket.  On 2004-up 2 bolts hold down two separate brackets. Exhaust back pressure sensor is connected to bracket.
  2. Remove nut holding dipstick tube.
  3. Remove all remaining valve cover bolts.
  4. All the steps on actually removing the injector are covered on page 4 of this article.

If your following these directions for the head removal, then continue to remove all injectors and refer back to the head removal article. If you are performing a head stud install without removing the cylinder head then you may stop at step 14.  Injectors do not have to be removed if you are installing head studs without removing the cylinder head*.

The next page is about removal and installation of the fuel injector and oil manifold.