Changing GM 2.9L Timing Chain and Guides

Normally here at Expertswrite, I write articles focused primarily on Ford products because of my job at a Ford dealership. I rarely get the opportunity to work on any other brands of vehicles as I do not generally work on the trade in cars. I came across working on this GMC Canyon because my brother owns it. The local shop wanted, what I thought, was an excessive amount of money so I set out to to replace timing chain, guides, and tensioner on his 2.9L engine in my personal garage to save him a lot of cash.  If you want to hear more about the story on my brothers truck or see a video of my thoughts on this project, you can read about it in TechTales : GM 2.9L Engine Crazyness.

There is mentions of specialty tools to time this 2.9L engine in the shop manual, but these tools are not required. The way this timing is done on this engine you actually can do it without any specialty timing tools by following this article. This guide was written by memory of working on a 2010 GMC Canyon 4wd, so likely pictures won't be added in later unless I find appropriate pictures I'm allowed to load elsewhere. The Chevrolet Colorado model may be slightly different, also other years may be different. The 5 cylinder 3.7L and older 2.8L are very similar

A few things you are going to need. Most of the required hand tools are listed in that step of the directions. Here is a small parts list below:

Timing Component Kit
Pump To block O-ring
Quality RTV Sealant

Lets get your truck back on the road...